We need a ruling on rules

Garry contacted me out of the blue, requesting copies of the ‘Game Master’ notes that I could give him. (Yes: he’s thinking about running some games!) This is almost reason enough to sell up and move south, quite frankly…


We’re looking at game mechanics that were designed a quarter of a century ago. We’ve changed, and we think we can do things better, now. The rest of the world has changed, too. FaceTube; Tweets; immediate gratification in all things. Are people really going to plough through a hefty rulebook, in order to join a game? Are those special people that we call Game Masters still willing to go to all that trouble?

We’re not sure.

Garry has in mind some changes. In fact, his deliberations cover a whole spectrum, from “leave it unchanged” to a card-based approach. Options include a system with no miniatures and no maps… and some approaches that fundamentally change the role of the Game Master, or even eliminate it. We’ve discussed solo gamebooks, web-based services, ready-made ‘encounters’… all kinds of things.

And we’re no closer to a decision.

So I thought, let’s see what some other people think – and here’s my little opinion poll.


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