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Herbalism – Simples!

(Introducing the idea of “folk remedies” for faerie folk.)

If you’ve ever played a herbalist character, you’ll have endured occasional frustrations where you’re either unable to find anything useful, or you keep on finding the wrong things. Naturally enough, upon finding a herb that one currently has no use for, the herbalist player is tempted to seize the ingredients anyway, in an effort to build up a stock of materials over time… but than can introduce long-term game balance problems.

Here’s a quick-and-dirty set of optional rules that allow a player to get a little more out of their herbalism skill – rather than being a supposedly good faerie carrying around a bunch of poisons for no better reason than because the ingredients turned up.

The existing rules that describe how to make ointments and potions remain unchanged, but there are other things that a herbalist can do to provide aid, such as mixing a remedy for a sore throat. Potions and ointments remain ‘special’ in that they are formulated to last a long time, but herbalists can also derive beneficial effects from relatively common plants, and other ingredients such as honey. These herbal remedies are prepared and used on demand: they aren’t stockpiled like potions, because they only work when fresh.

The ingredients for these minor remedies are easily found: nothing is particularly unusual, so if the herbalist is prepared to expend the stated time they are likely to be able to gather all the required ingredients, and make enough medicine to treat several faeries. The Game Master does not need to make a die roll to determine what herbs are present: the simple ingredients required for these remedies are always available – unless the character is trapped underground, it’s the middle of winter, or it’s too dark to search for the required ingredients, etc. (The Game Master can rule on any such limitation.)

If the player declares that he/she is going to make a herbal remedy, any of the following may be chosen. The character then expends the stated time to gather the ingredients, and chop, crush, boil, etc. as appropriate. At the end of that time, 1d100 is rolled. Making herbal remedies is a relatively easy aspect of the herbalism skill, so if the roll is less than double the character’s herbalism skill, the remedy is found to be a success, and can be used for treatment.

If the 1d100 roll is greater than double the character’s herbalism skill, the herbal mixture is clearly absolutely awful, and won’t do any good. It is thrown away… but the herbalist can try again by expending more time.

A list of herbal remedies follows. Game Masters may wish to allow additional herbal remedies (learned from books, or NPCs) during gameplay…


Herbal remedies table

That’s it! Thanks for reading, and I would be interested to know what you think…


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